FAQs by Doctors

How can DCA TV help me?
DCA TV can:

  • Expand patient awareness of procedures
  • Increase inquiries about available treatments
  • Increase revenues
  • Reduce patient anxiety
  • Build and strengthen patient relationships
  • Build brand, credibility and trust.
Videos are found easier in the search engines than any other type of content. Today potential patients want to be able to find what they are looking for immediately. To do so, they go to the Internet and the search engines. The proper use of web video quickly multiplies doctor’s chances of being found in the search engines.
DCA TV provide patients with the opportunity to find a doctor and learn more about quality of care, education or a particular specialty area.
What types of videos can I record?
  • Biography: where personality is introduced through questions and answers, allowing patients to catch a glimpse of the your characteristics and background. Eg: Why you went into medicine? Why you chose your specialty? What makes you different from other doctors? Why patients should choose you as their doctor?
  • Interview: where you discuss anything from explaining the benefits of a service to your roles within that service.
  • Office / New Equipment Overview: highlighting office location, amenities and any new equipment. Eg: Why your office is better? How friendly is your staff and very quick and knowledgeable? (Use still photos of doctor’s office, staff, building or any other relative pictures from their practice.)
  • Patient testimonials: Patients are interviewed and they discuss your professionalism, the success of the surgery and care received.
  • Procedure overview: An overview video explaining pre/post surgical process will help educate and ease the potential patient’s nerves and anxiety about the procedure.
  • Frequently Asked Questions: You can address concerns and questions patients commonly have about a surgery and thus frame you as an expert in the field.
  • Special Promotion: A special promotional video on new offers with call to action.
How is the recording done?
The video/audio recording will be done via web video. Once you request your video record, one of our DCA TV executive producers will get in touch with you regarding the protocol of the process and tips to get prepared before the record.
If you do not wish to have a recording, you can send us your script / audio recording and we can do the video with professional graphics and images with voice-over.
How do videos help me in internet marketing?
  • Enhance Practice Website by adding a video: DCA TV videos will be fully optimized for Google, Bing and Yahoo.  Video search engine optimization (SEO) is one way to help Website rank higher in Search Engines..
  • Enhance your DCA TV and Doctors’ Choice Awards Listing:  Having a listing with video on a large site like Doctors’ Choice Awards and DCA TV will help you to be found first on search engines, many times ranking much better than your own website.
  • Use DCA TV videos in email campaigns: Guidance will be provided to create a video picture link in email to guide patients to see your video. Maybe have a special promotion you would like to introduce by video, or perhaps want to educate potential patients on procedures they are interested in before the consultation.
  • Promote videos on your Social Media networks
  • Your DCA TV branded videos will be featured in DCA TV youtube channel.
  • Embed videos in blogs: You can use your blog to educate patients on procedures you perform, what to expect, and unique services that make you stand out from the rest. Use the video to introduce yourself to those searching for a doctor.
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