Video Recording

So are you ready for your first video recording? Here’s what you got to do.
When providing details on the type selected you can mention,

  • What type of procedure are you going to focus on this video?
  • Would you like the Video to be a Q&A or a just speak on the topic selected?
  • We can provide you with a set of questions based on the procedure if you don’t have. And you can edit those questions if necessary.

Type of Videos

  • TYPE A

    Doctor Practice Video

    Doctor Practice video will help showcase doctor’s practice and services provided by him. This short video can be played in waiting rooms and help patients gain more information about the practice.
  • TYPE B

    Doctor Interview Video

    Doctor Interview Video will introduce doctor’s personality through questions and answers, allowing patients to catch a glimpse of the doctor’s characteristics and background.
  • TYPE C

    Doctor Introduction Video

    Doctor Introduction Video will introduce doctor to potential patients. The video will include information on doctor education, practice, and services, specialty, hobbies, awards and honors, DCA reviews and contacts. This short video works great on Homepage replacing tons of text.
  • TYPE D

    Medical Procedure Interview Video

    Medical Procedure Interview Video is where doctors can explain a particular medical procedure from their specific field through a set of question and answers. This video will help educate and ease the potential patient’s nerves and anxiety about the procedure.
  • TYPE E

    Patient Testimonials Video

    In this video, patients are interviewed and they discuss doctor’s professionalism, the success of the surgery and care received from the doctor.
  • TYPE F

    FAQ Video

    In this video, doctors address concerns and questions patients commonly have about a surgery and thus frame you as an expert in the field.
  • TYPE G

    Special Promotion Video

    A special promotional video by doctors on new offers with a call to action.
  • TYPE H

    Expert Advice Video

    As an experienced marketing professional in the healthcare industry, doctors can share valuable advice and tips with healthcare providers to run a successful practice.

Interview Guidelines

Follow these simple guidelines to achieve the BEST possible results from the web video interview

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